4 Party & Wedding Cocktail Trends

These four popular San Diego and LA cocktail trends are sure to be a hit at your next party. 


Whether you’er looking to throw an upcoming holiday party or wedding celebration there’s sure to be a crowd expecting to take back a few cocktails. More and more weddings and parties are venturing away from the typical beer and wine selection for craft cocktails and more exciting ingredients. Here’s our top four cocktail trends for your upcoming party.

Pimms Cup San Diego Cocktail Trends

#4: The Classic Pimm’s Cup

Introduced in England back in the early 1800’s, this cocktail has lately seen a resurgence at weddings and cocktail parties. It’s light, fruity, refreshing and fun to say, “Pimm’s Cup.” Great for hot summer days.  Enjoyed by the light weights and the most seasoned of drinkers.  There are many variations on the recipe but basically it boils down to a splash of Pimm’s No. 1 liqueur,  a splash of sparkling lemonade (or ginger beer), ice, and garnished with your choice of strawberries, cucumber, mint or oranges.

Savory & Spicy LA Cocktail Trends

#3: Savory and Spice Cocktails

There has been a rise in craft cocktails, and that means creating top quality drinks that shy away from sugar to hide the alcohol, to drinks that embrace more earthy flavors.  With the help of “mixologiests, more seasoned bartenders are creating cocktails that infuse herbs like thyme and basil.  They are also bring out the heat with fresh peppers, raw ginger and horseradish. These drinks tend to be a little more costly to make but the results are impressive.

Flower Ice Cubes San Diego & LA Cocktail Trends

#2: Ice Cubes

You no longer have to buy the generic bags of ice from the grocery store anymore to stock your bar.  Bartenders are having fun experimenting with ice as well.  One large cube takes a simple glass of whiskey to a whole new level. Clear cubes with flowers and herbs inside them add an extra level of color.  Best of all, if you plan ahead you can create your own dazzling ice cubes for your next party at little to no cost.

Ginger Beer San Diego Cocktail Trends

#1: Ginger Beer

Ginger beer has been popular for a few years now but it’s not going away.  Strong flavored ginger sodas are popular at weddings and grocery stores alike. There is a healthy variety of new ginger beers on the market.  We love the spicy ginger flavors of Bundaberg, Cock and Bull, and the all natural Reeds Extra Ginger Brew.

Of course you can do the classic Moscow Mule which is ginger beer, vodka and lime, but there are also great cocktails out there that involve whiskey too. Ginger beer is also a great option for anyone at the party who would like a non alcoholic drink.  Ginger beer has a little more sophistication to it than just drinking diet coke that guests enjoy.

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