Choosing A Catering Company For Your Wedding

Choosing a San Diego wedding catering company for your wedding plays an essential part in defining your special day.  You want to make sure your catering company serves memorable food to your guests, and you want to make sure they do it right.  Lanaya and Kevin were one of those couples.  They got married in San Diego and wanted to have a green wedding with a vegetarian menu, and Eco Caters delivered!

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-09 catering san diego wedding catering

Here at Eco Caters we do more than just catering weddings.  Not only can we simply you’re special day (by also coordinating you wedding), but we also have a small, tightknit team that will handle your wedding with care.   We also pride ourselves on the quality of our food.  Everything our San Diego wedding catering company serves to your guests is FDA certified organic.  We also purchase our food from small local farms and do our best to serve in season produce.  We purchase sustainable fish and can even help you implement other green ideas into your wedding.

Our relationships with our clients start with a phone call or an email.  From there our staff can help you figure out the best solutions to fit your needs and budget.  We are always excited when couples we meet have unique ideas or traditions they want to infuse into their wedding night.  One aspect of Lanaya and Kevin’s wedding that was important to them was to serve the best vegan wedding menu, and that’s something we get a lot of requests for and can handle!  A lot of San Diego wedding caterers find vegetarian cooking to be a nuisance; they don’t feel that a vegetarian wedding can be as tasty and satisfying as one with meat, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Eco Caters often does such a great job preparing our menus that a lot of time guests are not even aware they just at a vegetarian dinner.  That’s something we love hearing.

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-13 catering san diego wedding catering

Once couples have narrowed down their menu we encourage them to come in for a food tasting.  The food tasting at our San Diego wedding caterers is a fun and filling one.   Our chef will prepare your menu while the two of you enjoy a romantic tasting for two.  We’ll offer wines, cocktails and beer to pare with your courses while our seasoned chef walks out of the kitchen with a fresh new dish.  Our chef will explain the ingredients and process for each dish to better help the two of you make the right choices when finalizing your menu.  Below is vegetarian menu Lanaya and Kevin decided on for their wedding reception:


Homemade Hummus Trio with Olive Salad and Grilled Flatbread

Vegetable Crudite with Roasted Onion Dip and House Ranch


Farmers Market Salad includes, Best of the Market greens and vegetables with a house vinaigrette dressing

Pan Sautéed Polenta with Carrot, Celery Root, and Fire Roasted Tomatoes (Pictured above.)

Grilled Garlic Rubbed Fennel with Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Gouda Mac and Cheese (One of Eco Cater’s most popular dishes!)

French Beans with Crispy Shallot

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-15 catering san diego wedding cateringThe day our your wedding, our staff will arrive early to properly set up our kitchen and go over your tables to make sure that each and every glass is aligned and each fork is polished.  While you and your guests are enjoying the ceremony and cocktail hour, our San Diego wedding catering team is working diligently behind the scenes to make sure every piece of your menu is prepared to the highest standard, as shown here at Lanaya and Kevin’s wedding in San Diego.  We make sure that every appetizer dish and every plate is detailed and arranged to perfection.  And, when your friends and family taste our all-organic food for the first time, they will be impressed with the fresh flavors we use to create your dishes.

Once our San Diego Caterer team has cleared every last plate, and found every last linin napkin, and after every guest has enjoyed their cup of coffee or tea, we will check in with you and make sure that everything was satisfactory.  We’ll wish you off and quietly clean up behind us and make it so clean, it will look as if we were never there.  It’s how we do each and every wedding.

A very special thanks to Lenaya and Kevin for choosing Eco Caters as their San Diego wedding caterer!  Our entire staff commented on fun and happy your wedding was.  We had a wonderful time getting to know you over our phone calls and correspondence and it was so nice to finally put the faces with all of your family members.  From all of us here at Eco Caters, we wish you a very happy “Congratulations!!!”

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-08 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-04 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-14 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-02 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-16 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-17 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-19 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-05 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-06 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-01 catering san diego wedding cateringSan-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-07 catering san diego wedding catering

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-10 catering san diego wedding catering

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-03 catering san diego wedding catering

San-Diego-wedding-catering-comapany-best-catering-vegan-wedding-catering-vegetarian-catering-delicious-caterer-eco-caters-san-diego-los-angeles-orange-county-souther-california-organic-catering-sustainable-catering-green-wedding-11 catering san diego wedding catering


San Diego Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Amy Boring

San Diego Wedding Rentals:  Raphael’s Party Rentals

San Diego Wedding Florist: La Costa Farms

San Diego WEdding DJ: Joe from AV Event Designs


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