Corporate breakfast and lunch for Eco Caters’ team, San Diego catering.

Although this type of event is a bit different from weddings, your San Diego caterers are always happy to help you in your event catering and/or planning.

On that day, San Diego caterer arrived early in the morning to get the organic continental breakfast buffet ready to go. Served with some high quality organic coffee and some other beverages, such as orange juice and some refreshing mint infused water, the breakfast buffet featured some delicious mixed pastries and muffins, with some bagels and cream cheese accompanied with organic honey whipped butter, and a fresh fruit platter.

Of course, San Diego catering did its best to serve the best quality food! Everyone enjoyed breakfast – looking forward to seeing what lunch would look like…

While guests went back to work for the morning, San Diego caterers cooked a very tasty lunch made up with salads, sandwiches and a non-alcoholic beverage service. For more details, San Diego caterer prepared a pepper mix with julienne onion, feta and pear mustard seed vinaigrette, as well as our famous farmer’s market salad including the best of the market greens and vegetables with a house vinaigrette dressing.

Then, as mains, guests were treated with three different types of dishes; that were our delicious grilled organic sirloin on ciabatta with caramelized onion, tomato, fresh herb mustard and mixed greens; our delightful grilled free range chicken breast on ciabatta with sun-dried tomato, onion, basil pesto mayo and spinach; and at last, our great grilled portabella mushroom on a on French roll with grilled red pepper aioli, creole mustard and herb mix.

The menu pleased everyone, and your San Diego catering staff was really delighted to be serving such a feast! Although not as magical as a wedding, corporate events are always very nice to cater as food has always been a great way for people to gather around. And there, San Diego caterer, Eco Caters, definitely did a great job on this team-building occasion.

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