Our Los Angeles Wedding Catering Company + The Smog Shoppe, Makes Wedding Planning A Breeze

Since Eco Caters is right across the street from the Smog Shoppe, our Los Angeles wedding catering makes planning is a breeze.

Eco Caters Los Angeles wedding catering company smog shoppe I know I’ve said this a million times, but it bears repeating: our Los Angeles wedding catering company is within spitting distance of the Smog Shoppe!  (Which, I guess, your welcome to try if you don’t believe me…) So, when couples like Marie and Huong come in to see us and say they’re having a wedding across the street, we get gitty!  We love that we’re closer than any other Los Angeles wedding caterer to the Smog Shoppe.  We’ve done a ton of weddings over the years with the Smog Shoppe (and their sister location, The Marvimon House), and we love working with them.  We love their dedication to sustainable design,  we love the atmosphere they create for celebration, and our proximity to one another makes event planning a breeze for everyone involved, including our clients Marie and Huong.

Something we pride ourselves on over other Los Angeles wedding caterers is making sure that each of our clients receive the custom wedding they deserve.  Our Los Angeles catering company worked diligently to create Marie and Huong’s all-organic cuisine.  It was important to our clients that their dishes incorporate some of their favorite ingredients and flavors.  Dana, our Event Coordinator, worked intimately with the couple to achieve the wedding menu they desired.  Together they came up with a menu that combined an assortment of stationary and tray passed hors d’oeuvers during cocktail hour and a hardy feast for their reception dinner, melding the richness of French cooking with the local fruits and vegetables of California.

Wedding open bar los angeles catering organic weddingDuring cocktail hour our staff mixed drinks for guests from the open bar, and tray passed a savory Pork Rillette with Pain a l’Ancienne (a flavorful grilled bread loaf) with bright Pickled Onion, and our always popular Mini Beef Sliders.  Guests were also offered a spread of stationary appetizers that included antipasto with marinated artichoke, sweet peppers with wild arugula, marinated cherry tomato with mozzarella, and mixed olives with crostini.  All of our food is local and organic, something we think you’ll taste over other Los Angeles wedding caterers.

As guests took their seats at repurposed wood tables in the roomy Smog Shoppe dining area, our Los Angeles catering team went to work.  Our staff brought out large, family-style dishes for guests to share.  To start off, we put together a simple salad made from wild arugula leaves, tossed with Farmers Market vegetables, shallots, crumbled bleu cheese, and our homemade vinaigrette dressing.  For the main course, our chef slow roasted a braised beef brisket with garlic and Heirloom Tomatos.  For sides, our Los Angeles wedding catering company dished up brussels sprouts seasoned with course mustard, roasted potatoes with chopped dill, and our rich and creamy, Gouda Mac-N-Cheese.

We hope our Los Angeles wedding caterer team made your day a special one. We were honored to partake in Marie and Huong’s wedding.  They were such a fun couple to work with and their friends and family were a true pleasure to serve.  From all of us at Eco Caters, we wish you two nothing but the best.  Cheers!

All photos complimentary of Robert Paetz Photography.

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