Great reception in this wonderful location for San Diego Wedding Catering Branch…

Nearly a hundred people were present on that day to celebrate our bride and groom’s ceremony and reception in this gorgeous venue in the city of Rancho Santa Fe. After a 45 minute-

drive from San Diego, everybody could enjoy the fresh and nice air of the countryside surrounding by family members and friends…

For this occasion, your San Diego wedding caterers and our beautiful couple decided to go with a organic style buffet featuring quite a few different items.

The ceremony took place down on the grass, facing the gorgeous house where our Eco Caters’ team was getting everything ready to go for the big hour!

Some stationary hors d’oeuvres were being prepared while your San Diego wedding catering staff was running all over the place, setting everything up… When the guests came back from the ceremony site, they could enjoy the famous Hummus Trio with some Tabouli and some Olive Salad, served with Grilled Flatbread and some Vegetable Crudites; as well as the Heirloom Salsa Trio accompanied by some Organic Tortilla Chips.

While all guests were enjoying those delicious items along with a few drinks, the buffet was being set, down on the tennis court. So everyone was asked to be seated, the meal could eventually start!

Your San Diego wedding caterer began by serving the well-known Farmers Market Salad including the Best of the Market Greens and Vegetables with a House Vinaigrette Dressing.

Then, two types of main dishes were available, chosen by your favorite San Diego wedding caterer and our couple: the Braised Beef Brisket cooked with some Tomatoes and Garlic; and the Crispy King Salmon served with Fennel Onion Confit. As sides, your San Diego wedding catering chefs had fixed some Basmati Rice with Beans and the tasty Grilled Farmers Market Vegetables.

For drinks, some mint infused water was available during the whole night; along with other drinks at the bar and the nice organic coffee service which was set at the end of the meal. Perfect to be enjoyed with the wedding cake!

Your San Diego wedding caterers really appreciated working on that event and wish to our couple a happy long life!

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