How To Hire The Best Wedding Photographer

Best wedding photographer in California

Need a wedding photographer? Eco Caters is here to help. Finding the best wedding photographer for your wedding day is essential. The pictures your wedding photographer captures are the moments you’ll preserve for years to come. With so many wedding photographers out there, here is a cheatsheet to help you hire the best wedding photographer!

Wedding photography Style

A great place to start is with the type of style you want your wedding photographer to have. Photographers are artists and they each excel at their own style of photography. Do you want a wedding photographer who focuses on traditional wedding photos or more edgy photos? Documentary style wedding photos or something that looks like it came from the glossy pages of a fashion magazine? Candid wedding photos or something more classic like your parents wedding album? Black and white, faded color, or brilliant color pop.

As you comb through the web looking at other couples wedding photos, think about these types of style questions with your partner. They will help you home in on the best wedding photographer to suit your personalities.

Best wedding photographer in California

Wedding Photographer Costs

A wedding photographer who not only excels at snapping great photos, but also has a talent for using photoshop and adding after effects is going to cost you. There is great skill involved in framing photos and artistically using a computer to manipulate the colors and shadows in your wedding photos. Once you do find a wedding photographer you like, you may get sticker shock when you find out how much he or she charges.

If you do find that the type of photographer you desire is out of your price range you do have a couple options to help you reach your desired look.

The first is collecting the type of images on the internet that you do like and asking your wedding photographer if he or she can emulate these types of shots. This also helps your wedding photographer know what kind of wedding he needs to shoot.

The second, and more risky alternative, is to seek out a young, up and coming wedding photographer. They may be super talented but not have the portfolio yet to start charging the premium packages. You do run the risk of an incompetent wedding photographer who misses key moments or loses your photos but if it pays off, you may land a great wedding album on a budget.

best wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer Research 

Don’t forget to do your wedding research! You may be confident you landed thee best wedding photographer in the world, only to find they are a total asshole to work with the day of your wedding. It’s always best to have a meeting with your wedding photographer and see if your personalities match. We also recommend reading reviews of their work on yelp or request testimonials from past brides. It is also a good idea to ask if you can see full wedding shoots he or she has done.

Here is a list of wedding photographers we love working with!

Best wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer Logistics 

Once you’ve narrowed down your wedding photographer it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. Is the main photographer you want going to personally be shooting your wedding or is one of his assistants? How many hours will he or she be on location with you shooting photos? What types of packages do they offer? Is the wedding photographer going to color correct all of your photos or just a handful of the ones you pick? Is he or she going to use your photos for promotional use or do you own the rights to them?

Lastly, be prepared to wait a month or two after your wedding to receive your photos. Wedding photographers are usually busy during wedding season and it takes a lot of hours after your wedding has been shot to comb through your photos, color correct them on a computer and get them back you.

Here is a list of wedding photographers we love working with!

Good luck!

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