Marrakesh House


VENUE:  Marrakesh House

STYLE:  Eco Mid-Century Modern Home

ADDRESS:  13003 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA


CONTACT:  [email protected]


Filmmaker Chris Paine (director of the documentaries “Who Killed the Electric Car?”), renovated this beautiful 4,300 square foot Mid-Century Modern home from top to bottom with the latest in green technology.  From high efficiency toilets to a roof covered in solar panels, this luxury home will guarantee that your next wedding, celebration, or photo shoot will be an earth friendly one.  The neatly manicured yard and pool are a wonderful place for an outdoor wedding or reception area.  The stylish interior, accented with an Indian flair, feels laid back and posh for cocktail parties and private events.  Oh! And it also has a spectacular view of Los Angeles.

dsc_3059 dsc_3081 MH_pool_600

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