Our All-Organic Los Angeles Wedding Catering & The Paramount Ranch

Erin and Dan designed their one-of-a-kind wedding at the Paramount Ranch by infusing their quirky personality, sense of adventure and detailing it with a little rustic décor.

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The Paramount Ranch was used 50 years ago as a western film set, but it’s no ghost town.  The Paramount Ranch is a one-of-a-kind wedding spot and if you’re in the market for a wedding location you owe yourself a visit.  It’s cheaper to rent than almost any place in Los Angeles, and it’s beautiful!  There’s a reason so many TV shows and movies were filmed on the 2,700-acre ranch.  The scenery is peaceful, untouched and breathtaking.   You can walk in any direction and feel like you’re in a romantic movie.

organic food party eco catering eco caters los angeles weddingOur Los Angeles wedding catering company had so much fun bartending the Saloon.  Our staff poured dark beer in classic glass mugs, red wine straight from oak barrels, and Sioux City Sarsaparilla for the kiddies.  The couple also brought in a rousing four-piece bluegrass band to play on the boardwalk in front of the hotel.  With suds sloshing in everyone’s mug and the toe tappin’ music… it was quite the wedding party!

After cocktail hour had wrapped, guests meandered over to the dining hall where our all organic, Los Angeles wedding catering company had set up tables and chairs decorated with rustic centerpieces of mason jar candles, oil lanterns, twine wrapped bundles of wheat, and vintage table doilies.

Wedding catering eco caters los angeles cateringA lot of Los Angeles wedding caterers serve frozen food but everything we serve is fresh and local.  For the main course, the couple chose to have a buffet.  Serving a wedding buffet style is a great way to save on wedding costs while also making sure your guests get exactly what they want.  We served up a baby spinach salad tossed with our house dressing,  a juicy grilled Mahi Mahi with fresh mango and shallots, our hardy vegetable lasagna with roasted tomato sauce, Wild Mushroom Quinoa (which has been a very popular summer menu item), and an assortment of grilled Farmers Market vegetables.

We had such a fun time being apart of Erin and Dan’s unique wedding and we can’t wait to show you more photos.  These photos are just a little tease from Marin Rosche, of Marin Rosche Photography.

Marin Rosche Photography:  858.699.5631

The Paramount Ranch National Park

Los Angeles Wedding Caterer: Eco Caters

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