Peaceful 75th birthday party in Escondido, catered by Eco Caters’ awesome San Diego catering staff.

On that day of June, around twenty people got together to celebrate Lynn’s 75th birthday in a beautiful private residence in Escondido. Such small events are always a pleasure to cater! Eco Caters, your eco-friendly San Diego caterer, always have good times creating new menus and arranging them according to what you want…

All guests gathered around 1pm and enjoyed a few drinks outside, waiting on lunch being ready to be served. The sun was shining; it was such a wonderful day! It couldn’t have been better for a birthday celebration.

Around 1.30pm, our San Diego catering staff started putting out the food. Stationary hors d’oeuvres were available. So, guests were treated with a chilled seafood display, including shrimps, oysters, clams, mussels, some lemon caper aioli and cocktail sauce.  Also, for the ones who are not really fond of seafood, the very tasteful hummus trio accompanied by tabouli, some olive salad and grilled flatbread; as well as the antipasto with marinated artichoke and sweet peppers with arugula were prepared by our San Diego caterers. Then, guests could enjoy a traditional Caesar salad with some homemade croutons and fresh anchovies. As main dishes, the client chose to go for our tasty grilled chicken breast with mango and avocado and for some pan sautéed polenta with carrots, celery roots and fire roasted tomatoes. All this was served by your San Diego caterer with some French beans cooked with crispy shallots, and some grilled balsamic eggplant.

This lunch was mainly served as a family-type meal. Everybody had such a great time! Enjoying each other’s company, very tasty food and refreshing drinks, with a nice blue sky… And San Diego caterers to take care of every details! Also, the place was so peaceful, quiet and gorgeous! All guests had the chance to relax and your San Diego catering team made everything for this birthday to go well!

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