San Diego Catering for the Great Dog Adventure

San Diego Catering company Eco Caters provides a picnic lunch for Cesar Millan and Scooby-Doo

Cesar Millan and his Great Dog Adventure hit San Diego this week. The event  featured a  50-dog pack walk in San Diego led by Cesar Millan, a picnic lunch catered by green company Eco Caters, live animal presentation, and opportunities to explore the San Diego Zoo, a book signing with Scooby-Doo and Cesar Millan, and a giant scavenger hunt.

Dog enthusiast filled Heritage Park in Old Town for a delicious picnic lunch and some family fun. Organic catering company Eco Caters provided freshly made wraps, chips and brownies for all the volunteers and event attendees. Eco Caters is a San Diego based company that uses all organic food, purchased from local farmers. Eco Caters also subscribes to a “no-waste” mentality, which makes a difference at an event this size.  They compost all of their food scraps and never waste any food.

The picnic was filled with dog loving people and their adorable pooches, all set on the amazing Heritage Park lawn. Heritage Park, maintained by the San Diego County Department of Parks & Recreation, is home to stately Victorian homes that were moved there during the ’40s in order to protect them for generations to come. The area includes Senlis Cottage 1896, Sherman-Gilbert House 1887, Italiante Christian House 1889, Queen Anne McConaughy House 1887, Stick Eastlake Burton House 1887, Classic Revival Temple Beth Israel 1889, Classic revival and the oldest Jewish temple in the city.

It is an amazing place for a wedding, party, and of course the Great Dog Adventure.  The Great Dog Adventure, created by Cesar Millan and his team was the first event of this kind. It featured a contest to win a vacation in San Diego and more doggie prizes. Guest got the pleasure to meet and learn from Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan.

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