San Diego Wedding Venue: Wild Willow Farm

Wild Willow Farm is a beautiful San Diego wedding venue for those of you seeking that all-in-one green wedding location.

San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-05 catering san diego wedding cateringWhen you get married out in the desert, less than a mile from the Mexican boarder one would expect a healthy amount of drinking, bonfires, bridesmaids in cowboy boots, and a lot of hooting and hollering.  Rachel and Andrew’s wedding, which took place at Wild Willow Farm, would have happily met your expectations.  With help of a few local farmers, Eco Caters prepared a delicious, all organic fest, fit for the occasion.

Wild Willow Farm, which is located just a short 15-minute drive from down town San Diego, and less than a mile from the Mexico boarder, is six acres of organic farmland with a passion for growing and educating our community on sustainable farming.  It’s also a beautiful San Diego wedding venue for those of you seeking that all-in-one green wedding location.

Our San Diego wedding catering company is proud to play a part San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project: “a network of citizens, farmers, chefs, gardeners, teachers, and students working to encourage the growth and consumption of regional food. From farm to fork, we focus awareness and work toward a more ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just food system in San Diego.

By eating locally, not only do you get fresher, better-tasting food, but you also help support family farms and encourage a vibrant local economy.”

San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-06 catering san diego wedding cateringEco Caters, your all-organic San Diego wedding catering team, used all locally farmed ingredients to create the couple’s sustainable wedding menu.  Produce for the wedding was grown at Suzies Farm (which Eco Caters uses regularly at all of our events), from our chef’s own backyard, and of course, from Wild Willow Farm.   The food our San Diego caterers served was as fresh as could be.  Guests even commented on how crisp, bright, and delicious all the vegetables were, which is something that makes us very proud.  We love knowing that the guests we serve are conscious of the extra care and quality we work hard to put into each and every dish we offer.

Below is the menu our San Diego wedding caterers served to Rachel and Andrew’s friends and family:

Hors D’oevres

Chef’s selection of assorted cheeses with Farmer’s Market fruit and preserves

Hummus Trio with Cucumber Yoghurt, Mixed Olives, and Grilled Flatbread


Salad and Asian Station

Kale and Beet Salad with Julienne Carrot and Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Jasmine Rice

Green Curry with Farmers Market Veggies and Mexican White Shrimp

Wild Willow Farm Stir Fry


Stone Oven Pizza Station

Spring Hill Cheese Pizza

Mountain Meadow Crimini Mushroom Pizza

Mexican White Shrimp and Market Vegetable Pizza with Jack Cheese and Pesto


S’more’s Station

Vegan Marshmallows

Graham Crackers

Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


A special “Thank You!” to Rachel and Andrew for choosing Eco Caters as their San Diego Wedding caterer, to Wild Willow Farm for all the wonderful work they do, and finally to the amazing photography of Mark Mehlinger!  We look forward to seeing you all at our next event!

San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-01 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-02 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-03 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-04 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-07 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-08 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-09 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-10 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-11 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-12 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-13 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-14 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-15 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-16 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-wedding-catering-company-organic-sustanable-wedding-ideas-venue-wild-willow-farm-suzies-farm-green-events-caterer-southern-california-catering-best-17 catering san diego wedding catering

San Diego Wedding Photographer:  Mark Mehlinger Photography

San Diego Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Coordinator:  Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding venue:  Wild Willow Farm

San Diego Wedding Farms: Wild Willow Farm, Suzies Farm, Eco Caters own private San Diego Wedding Coordinator:  Sandy Feet Events

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