Los Angeles Catering using Sustainable Seafood – Seafood for the Future

Seafood for the Future – Los Angeles Catering using Sustainable Seafood


Seafood for the Future is a program provides Los Angeles catering consumers, chefs, and restaurateurs a labeling system, supported by extensive transparent research, that will empower them to easily identify sustainable and healthy seafood choices. They work closely with many restaurants and seafood suppliers to ensure that approved products are safe- both for you and the environment. This is done by having a strict criteria for the seafood including:

– Each item is a healthy and essential contribution to a wholesome diet, with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and low levels of mercury.

– They are all harvested from well-managed or certified fisheries, or grown on farms using sustainable practices.

– They are produced using methods that limit by-catch, reduce the carbon foot-print, and minimize damage to the ocean habitat.

– Each one supports human communities by preserving cultural values, safe working conditions, and strong communities.

Eco Caters has been recognized by Seafood for the Future as a partner in sustainability because of our efforts to serve local and sustainably fished seafood.

For more information, visit their website at http://seafoodforthefuture.org to learn about Eco Caters and the other Los Angeles chefs that are serving up sustainable seafood.

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