Summer wedding catered by Eco Caters, San Diego Wedding Catering

It does have to be a huge ceremony to make the moment wonderful and unforgettable! On that day of August, around 42 guests drove to Clairemont to celebrate our couple’s ceremony and reception.

Of course, San Diego wedding caterers did their best to make the day run perfectly… And that started with the set-up of a beautiful organic beverage station featuring some unsual but nevertheless tasteful blueberry lemonade and mint infused water – both prepared by your San Diego wedding caterer.

To accompany these beverages, Eco Caters, San Diego wedding catering, offered a Farmer’s Market fruit display served with local honey.

For this wedding, San Diego wedding caterers had to follow a few restrictions, such as not using any type of mango, melon or cantaloupe; due to allergies. In fact, Eco Caters is definitely able to invent new recipes, respecting your choices and conditions.

For the rest of the meal, San Diego wedding caterer served the well-known Farmer’s market salad on plate, including the best of the market greens and vegetables with a house vinaigrette dressing.

Regarding the main dishes, a buffet was set-up and showed on my hand the grilled beef tenderloin with red wine jus and on the other some crispy king salmon with fennel onion confit. These were accompanied by some wild mushroom quinoa and some French beans with crispy shallot.

At last, as a dessert, San Diego wedding catering presented on tray passes the tasty mixed berry tart, all organic and made from fresh berries!

Everyone enjoyed Eco Caters’ work and taste! The greatness and freshness of the food made all guests really pleased. And Eco Caters will always be happy to help you with your menus and all the details you really want for your event.

Also, thank you to Rachel Thurston, the photographer, who did an amazing job taking great pictures of the event!

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