Los Angeles Wedding Caterer Gets Lost In The Woods!

There’s nothing more organic than a wedding in the woods.

I love outdoor weddings.  No banquette hall can match the ambiance of nature.  From the feel of the warm sun, the light flickering through the swaying tree leaves, the birds singing their love songs, the eye catching colors, to the family of squirrels climbing onto the appetizer table and running off with the Chèvre cheese log…  Nature has the ambiance thing down well!

When it comes to outdoor weddings, the best way to show your appreciation for Mother Nature is to just enjoy what she’s naturally created, and that means serving your friends and family all-organic food.  Our Los Angeles wedding catering company was on hand for Kim and Drew’s spectacular outdoor wedding and we crafted a feast worthy of the occasion.

The best way to describe Kim and Drew’s wedding is to imagine the décor from an Anthropology store arranging it out in the woods.  If you can imagine how spectacular that would look, than you pretty much got it.  The couple brought rustic leather furniture, distressed tables, old trunks, beer bottle flower vases, a charming typewriter, mason jars, weathered shutters, classic literature bound with twine, fun friends, rousing music, and enough giggle juice to throw one memorable wedding celebration.  You throw in an all-organic Los Angeles wedding caterer and you have a recipe for one memorable evening.

Our Los Angeles wedding catering company concocted a table of appetizers just as dazzling as the décor.  Our Eco Caters Chef prepared grilled mango skewer marinated with caramelized curry glaze, our popular roasted garlic hummus, red pepper hummus, Olive Tapenade, and yummy bit-sized sandwiches made from fresh baked bread, house smoked bacon, wild arugula leaves, and pickled onions.  Our Los Angeles wedding caterers also put together some beautifully arranged cheese boards with an assortment of local cheeses, garlic rubbed baguettes, bright berries, homemade jams, apricot preserves, and edible flowers; they were true works of art.

For the big feed our Los Angeles wedding catering company dished up a homespun family-style dinner.  Our Los Angeles wedding caterers brought out platters of juicy braised beef with fresh minced herbs, grilled sea bass blackened with dried spices, smashed potatoes whipped with cream and black truffle, a medley of grilled Farmers Market vegetables, and our creamy Gouda Mac-N-Cheese.

Kim and Drew’s wedding was held at the enchanted Oak Canyon Nature Center.  The detail catching photography was courtesy of photographer Kim Graham.  And of course, our Los Angeles branch Eco Caters brought all-organic and local food.  Below are morephotos from Kim Graham.


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