What is The Best Time of Year For a San Diego Wedding?

What is The Best Time of Year For a San Diego Wedding? 

San Diego is notoriously known in the wedding world as a popular spot to exchange your vows.

And since you won’t find any snowstorms or harsh winter weather in this beautiful region of Southern California, it might be tough to figure out what the best time of the year to get married is.

If it’s the essence of summer you’re searching for, you’ll find crashing blue waves, golden yellow sunshine and long, warm days. When you’re on the hunt for a winter wonderland (California style, that is) they’ll be slightly chilly evenings and plentiful options for magical twinkle-lit weddings.

Still caught between the two seasons? Luckily, the Eco Caters team is here to help! We’ve put together a guide so you can weigh the pros and cons of a summer vs. winter wedding. Luckily for even the most discerning of brides and grooms, we can assure you — the best time to get married in San Diego, is any time at all. 

Summer Wedding Pros

If it’s a summer date you’re longing for, you probably already know the top pros of having your special day during this season. Here are a some of Eco Caters top reasons for hosting a summertime wedding party. 

Sunny Days

Of course, any time of year offers sunny days in San Diego — but especially the summer season (aside from the occasional June gloom). If you want your San Diego wedding reception to be held outdoors with the promise of warm evenings, it’s summer all the way! Winter, too, promises evenings that are warmer than other parts of the country, though it does certainly still get chilly and calls for proper planning. 

Outdoor Venues

San Diego offers outdoor wedding venues in both summer and winter, but the options for outdoor venues in the summer season are vast and varied. Get married on a beach, in the park, in your best friend’s backyard wearing a sleeveless dress. The choice is yours!

No School

If your wedding will have school-aged guests (whether that’s grade school or college students) it works out well to host a perfect wedding in the summertime. Kids and friends are in vacation mode and more willing to drive the long-distance or book a plane flight to take part in the festivities. 

Summer Wedding Cons

Although summer is weddings are incredible and come with a long list of pros, they do have their cons as well. Keep these cons in mind when choosing what the best time of year to get married is for you and your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs. 

High Venue Prices

With increased competition to get married in the summer months, wedding venues often see higher price points in San Diego during the summer. If you want to keep your budget on track, but are determined to have that summer wedding, consider looking into venue prices for Thursday and Sunday as opposed to Friday and Saturday. 

Booked Vendors

Because of the popularity of summer wedding dates, there’s a chance your top vendors for food, photography, and music might already be booked. To avoid disappointment, make a list of your top three vendors per category, then go from there.

Busy Guests

If your heart is set on having all ‘yes’ RSVPs — it’s good to keep in mind that summer is a busy wedding season. Family members and friends might have prior commitments to weddings already, especially if you’re a bit late in the planning game. Summer also tends to be a time where kids are out of school and family travel is planned. If you are doing a summer wedding, and the guest list is important to you, try to set a date as far out as possible. 

Winter Wedding Pros

Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married in San Diego. With the promise of still-sunny days and a crispness to the air, it’s a perfect time to get married. Here are some of our top pros for getting hitched during the winter season.

Magical Ambiance

Of course, wintertime in San Diego offers the chance for a magical ambiance. Make things cozy for your guests during the chillier nights with heat lamps, big baskets of blankets, and candles aplenty. 

Lower Prices 

Because you aren’t dealing with the influx of brides and grooms-to-be on a similar hunt for vendors and venues, the prices during winter tend to be lower. During the off-season, you can find cheaper SD wedding venues, vendors that aren’t already booked, and typically more value-focused prices for those on a budget. 

Winter Breaks

Although it’s not a large chunk like summer vacation, the winter season brings with it it’s own breaks from school. If you have a lot of school-aged kids or those still in college on your guest list, consider planning a wedding during the holiday break to give people time to plan and travel. 

Winter Wedding Cons

Although winter can be considered the best time of the year to get married for the above reasons, it also has its cons (just like it’s summer  counterpart).

Unpredictable Weather

Sure — San Diego is home to mostly sunny days, but in the winter, there’s an increased likelihood of rain and bad weather. If you don’t mind an indoor/outdoor venue, many venues will plan for a sunny evening and if things change, they’ll move the celebration inside. 

Attire Issues

If you’re not the type of bride and groom who cares for a sleeveless dress and a light suit, disregard this con of a winter wedding. But if you have your heart set on a certain style, know that just because it’s San Diego, doesn’t mean it won’t get cold. You and your guests will need a cover-up, sweater, or jacket as the cool evening sets in.

Whether you’re going for a winter wedding or a summer wedding, it’s true that every wedding season has its unique perks and beauty. Once you do decide what the best time of year to get married is for you, feel free to reach out to the Eco Caters team! We’d love to help fine-tune your dream vision and bring it to life through sights, smells, and flavor-filled dishes.

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