Best Food Trucks For Your Wedding Event!

Hiring a great food truck for your wedding event in the Los Angeles and San Diego area is a fun way to feed your guests at the end of the evening.

After your guests have sobbed through your wedding ceremony, ransacked the open bar, burned a dress-size on the dance floor, and listened to your grandpa talk about his boat, they deserve some junk food! With so many taste bud crushing food trucks in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, why not park one outside your wedding venue!? Here are our top food truck picks to help make your wedding a memorable one.

In-N-Out Burger Food Truck

YES! It’s true! In-N-Out Burger also has food trucks! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first saw one of their glorious trucks sitting outside my friend’s wedding. As soon as word spread that In-N-Out was parked outside, the dance floor was empty. It was also quite the treat for the out of town guests who were excited to check In-N-Out Burger off their list before flying back home.

In-N-Out Burger also has a nice calculator to help you figure out how much it will cost to have them come out and feed X number of guests: CLICK HERE

In-N-Out Burger Food Truck Info

Cookout Department Number: 626-813-8295

Cool Hause -Ice Cream Sandwiches

Another popular food truck that our Los Angeles wedding caterers see at weddings is the Cool Hause truck. You choose a scoop from a delicious selection of homemade ice cream and they press it between two freshly baked cookies, creating one of the best Ice Cream sandwiches you will ever have. Cool Hause is pretty enough for a wedding, yet hardy enough to quench a late night hunger.

Cool Hause

Email them at: [email protected]

The Grilled Cheese Truck

Another great food truck idea for your wedding is theGrilled Cheese Truck. Nobody puts as much love and packs as much deliciousness between two pieces of bread like the The Grilled Cheese Truck. Sure they offer a traditional grilled cheese, but why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing when you could order a Macaroni and cheese, Sharp Cheddar, BBQ pork, and caramelized onions grilled cheese sandwich? The list of crazy sandwiches goes on and on…

For Grilled Cheese Truck Catering request form: CLICK HERE

Tacos!   Tacos!  Tacos!

To finish off our list of best food trucks for your wedding event, we must pay homage to the classic taco truck, the original food truck of southern California.

With all the hip, gourmet food trucks clogging the curbs each night, the ol’ taco truck has stood its ground. There are so many great taco trucks in the Los Angeles and San Diego area that I honestly don’t even know were to begin!  On one hand, I could recommend some cool, designer looking taco truck that would stylishly fit in with your wedding decor, but to be honest the tacos wouldn’t be as flavorful;  I could recommend some of the best tacos I’ve ever had, but their dingy-looking trucks probably wouldn’t bold so well with your classy wedding.  Sorry Kiddies, but I’m leaving this one up to you.

Having a food truck at your own event has always been popular and thanks to the internet theres so many to choose from.  There really are some super fun food trucks parked around the city.  If you want to scout out some other food truck for your wedding, or just for fun, I highly recommend the Food Trucks Map: (Also available as an iOS or Android App!)

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