Celebrating Thanksgiving the Eco way with our Los Angeles Catering Crew

Eco Caters whips up a Thanksgiving feast for a couple and the employees of their small business in West Hollywood, CA

Is there a better way to spend the holiday then with a group of people who love and respect one another? Their staff was truly wonderful. Everyone was welcomed into their home with open arms into the most inviting setup. Some of the items in the home needed to be rented such as the tables, chairs, and linens, which was not a lot, but good to know when you are planning your next affair in the home – rentals could play a small part of it. As guests arrived they had reggae music playing, the game on the flat panel, and treats that your Los Angeles Caterer carefully setup. The host chose to begin with Chef’s Choice Cheese Display with Market fruit and homemade preserves. Also on the stationary hors d’oeuvre table was our Vegetable Crudite with Roasted Onion Dip and House Ranch which are both house made.

Once all of the guests arrived and the bar was stocked with the many gifts that arrived with them, they were ready to feast. You may or may not know the process that goes into one of these meals. Some of the dishes require days of prep work in our kitchen. Therefore, our Los Angeles Catering Crew was hard at work pre-prepping everything before arriving to the home. Once there your Los Angeles Caterers finish the prep work and complete the cooking process. The buffet started with the Farmer’s Market Herb Mix with Pumpkin Seed, Shaved Purple Onion, Beylik, Farms Cucumbers, and Sweet Pepper Vinaigrette.

This group was part meat eaters and part vegans, so the host chose the main dishes and sides to be sure everyone would be happy. After the salad, mentioned above, the Creole Injected Fried Turkey with Giblet Gravy came next with the Vegan’s Shephard’s Pie with Crispy Onions and Gravy as the other option. Your Los Angeles Caterer brought the Southern Yams, Vegan Corn Bread Stuffing, and Grandma’s Gouda Mac-N-Cheese as the sides. After everyone had seconds and some thirds it was time for a 20 minute break. As the feast was settling, your Los Angeles Caterers were whipping up dessert: New Orleans Bread Pudding with Makers Mark Whiskey Sauce.

The final touches to this meal, which made it a completely eco-friendly affair, was the cutlery. This host chose to use VerTerra for the plates, Aspenware for the forks and knives, and bio-degradable cups for their drinks. All of these products are available when you have an event catered by Eco Caters, your Los Angeles Catering Company. Please inquire within.

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