Chevy Volt Event Demands Organic Catering from Eco Caters

Eco Caters, an Organic Catering company, works with Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt premiered in San Diego and Eco Caters was there to provide a taste of some of our most popular organic items.  This was the very first showing of the Volt in San Diego and one of the first showings of the Volt nationwide so there was a big crowd there to see the Volt for the first time.  We kept the menu simple so not to distract from the main event.  We did a variety of organic breads from Charlie’s Best Bread with our fresh whipped honey butter.  The breads were a big hit and that is no surprise because Charlie’s Best Bread does make the very best bread in town and it is organic.  He also mills his own flour and uses local organic ingredients whenever possible.  In addition to the breads we had some grilled vegetable polenta lasagna and local beef brisket.  The grilled vegetable lasagna and brisket were very popular as many guests came back for a 3rd and 4th serving.  With an event like the premier of the Chevy Volt, organic catering is a necessity and we are happy to be the San Diego catering company to fulfill that need.  The Eco Investment Club, who put on the event, is one of our long time customers and we always look forward to catering their events because the people there are all very receptive and appreciative of organic catering.  Suzie’s Farm provided the vegetables for the lasagna so I asked them to set up a farmer’s market booth at the event to tell people about their CSA and they were very happy to do so.

During the event we did get a chance to sit in the Chevy Volt and check it out up close.  I have to say that I am very impressed with the design and the efficiency.  It is a very sleek looking vehicle and it is all electric for the first 50 miles of every drive!  At Eco Caters our San Diego catering division will certainly continue to grow with partners like Chevy and the Eco Investment Club.  We hope that more events like this are thrown in San Diego and that the demand for local organics continues to grow.

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