How to Become More Sustainable As a Company

Sustainability affects the ins and outs of how a business operates every single day. When you’re running a green business, you’re not only doing so from within the walls or your own company but within the community, too. 

There are a wide array of benefits that come with creating a sustainable company and each small improvement can add up to make a big and positive difference.

10 Tips For Company Sustainability

As a full-service organic catering business, we know a thing or two about sustainable business practices. If you’re wondering how to be more environmentally sustainable, read on! Here are our top 10 tips for sustainability. 

1. Source Responsibly

One of the foundations of becoming more sustainable as a company is that you source responsibly. For sustainable catering companies like Eco Caters, this means purchasing plant and animal products that protect both the environment and the community. Opting out of materials like plastic, too, can make a big difference to the environment. If you’re the type of business that relies on others for support and supplies, make sure your suppliers are doing their part to source sustainably. Hire individuals who care about sustainability goals and work together to source responsibly. 

2. Clean Energy

Depending on where you are located, there is most likely at least one variety of a clean energy source available (like solar). Although solar takes an initial investment, you’ll notice the difference in your monthly energy costs soon thereafter. If you can make the leap towards energy efficiency, making this sort of investment is something your company will benefit from for years to come.

3. Carpools and Ride Shares

Encourage your coworkers and company teammates to carpool and rideshare to increase business sustainability. Often, employees will be coming from the same general direction, so hopping in a car together not only encourages team bonding — but it helps the environment, too. Give incentives for people who decide to share rides (like a monthly gift card drawing). Better yet, double the incentives if your employees are willing to bike to work and reduce their carbon footprint!

4. Use Only What You Need

With catering, it’s important to use only what you need so that food doesn’t go to waste — and this idea can transfer over into all sorts of work environments. By using only the paper you need or only pour a cup of water that you know you’ll finish, you’ll make an environmental difference. If we use only what we need (and go back if we find we need a bit more for the task at hand) we’ll be less likely to waste products and resources. 

5. Get Creative

Going environmentally friendly in the office or workspace can often mean getting creative with your sustainability strategy. Wearing suits, for example, requires more dry cleaning than other items. Go greener by opting for casual workplace attire instead. Remind employees to use natural lighting whenever possible, and make it a point to raise the blinds and let the sunshine through the building. Buy second-hand products and encourage coworkers to jazz them up in their own artistic style. Invest in reusable company water bottles with your logo to eliminate unnecessary plastic water bottle waste. A little bit of creativity goes a long way when creating an eco-friendly business

6. Reduce Office Supplies

In a traditional office or company setting, so many supplies go to waste. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen and using paper plates or mailing out letters to potential clients, there are many ways to reduce your use of office supplies in an effort to be more sustainable. Go paperless and send emails whenever possible. Try reusable pens instead of pens that are used and then wasted. Opt for reusable plates, bottles, and cutlery whenever possible. A good rule of thumb is to think twice before using something: Do I really need this? If not, what can I use in its place to create a greener environment? 

7. And Office Furniture

Furniture is another specific office supply that can be handled in a more sustainable way. Furniture tends to be created from different materials like wood and plastic and often contains chemicals. Instead of tossing your furniture, consider ways to give it a new life. With just a bit of paint, it can be upcycled and given an entirely new life (for a fraction of the price).

8. Recycle

Although this one seems a little bit obvious, not all companies effectively implement a recycling program. Give employees easy access to appropriately labeled recycling bins on each floor or in each department. They’ll be more likely to toss their glass bottle in the appropriate place after they’re finished with it and will be held accountable by coworkers, too.

9. Package Responsibly 

If you’re a company that relies on the packaging for your products, think about each component in terms of how it can be the most environmentally friendly. If you have labels, consider using soy-based ink. Get rid of excess packaging and plastics and opt for more sustainable products (like compostable cups and take out carriers). When it comes time to deliver your products, see if you can do so locally by foot or by bike. If you’re venturing out of the local area, consider green vehicles for distribution.

10. Spread The Word 

When it comes to how to make your business more sustainable, one of the best things you can do is to spread the word about sustainability initiatives. If you’re making efforts to go green, let your clients and customers know. Not only will it feel good and encourage them to do the same, but it will hold your team accountable for maintaining strong practices. 

Building a sustainable future for your company requires dedication, planning, and passion. The good news is, individuals and companies can start with sustainability practices today and start making an environmental impact right away.

If you’re invested in how to become more sustainable as a company, little changes go a long way. 

Reach out to Eco Caters today to book sustainable catering for your next corporate event or private party. We’re happy to help you craft a menu that highlights all your favorite fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients. 

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