J Brand Jeans Holiday Party 2010 by your Los Angeles Caterers

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division, caters J Brand Jeans Holiday Party for the third year in a row with our favorite treats including a Taco Bar

J Brand Jeans started in NYC and came to LA through its co-founder, Jeff Rudes back in 2004. Over the past 6 years they have become an industry leader and is featured all over the world at specialty stores and luxury retailers. The annual celebration is one that is upbeat and fun, your Los Angeles Catering staff loves being a part of it. They are a wonderful group of people and truly know how to get together and enjoy each others company out of the workspace. If you want to learn more about J Brand and their products please visit one of their distributors or go to www.jbrandjeans.com.

As the staff arrived to their holiday celebration they were greeted by their planning host, photographed and then directed to the open bar featuring specialty wines, beer and soft drinks. These were provided by the company. A great way to save on budget. While sipping on their chosen cocktail our Los Angeles Catering crew tray passed a few delicious treats to get the appetite rolling. We started with the crowd favorite Truffled Grilled Cheese. Then we moved into the Roasted Chicken with Avocado, Sweet Corn, and Fermented Black Bean. We finalized the cocktail portion of the evening with Turkey Slider with Apricot, Apple, Arugula and House Mustard, along with Cucumber Cups with Mango, Jicama, Chili, and Lime.

Last year, our Los Angeles Caterers did something a little more fancy, so this year, we went for a more casual, but still amazing menu. It is all in the ingredients! The Salad was the Best of Market Vegetables with Mixed Greens and House Vinaigrette which was served two different styles for those with allergies to specific items. Mexican food is all over Los Angeles, this caterer has great fun putting together the spread for taco bars. The proteins were Smoked Chili Rubbed Jidori Chicken Breast and Cochon Carnitas. The Taco Bar itself had a make your salsa starting with two different types of salsa bases then you have a long list of fixings to choose from Fire Roasted Jalapeno to Mango. The typical options of cheeses, grilled pepper and onions, sour cream, roasted garlic guacamole were also on the menu from your Los Angeles Caterer. We can not forget the sides of Black Beans with Orange and Mexican Chocolate & Heirloom Tomato Rice with cumin and coriander.

We look forward to catering for J Brand again next year. Did I mention their venue was the beautiful Marvimon? Lovely setting for any event. http://www.miguelnelson.com/smogshoppe.html

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