Los Angeles Wedding At The Vibiana

Our all-organic, Los Angeles wedding catering team was hired by Erin and Will (a super fun couple) to pull off their amazing green wedding at the Vibiana.

We here at Eco Caters purchase fresh, local, and organic ingredients for each and every wedding event we cater.  We don’t order bulk food either; we purchase the amount requested for your individual event from our local farms and have it delivered to our kitchen the day before.  This process is just one of the many extra steps our Los Angeles wedding caterers take over another Los Angeles wedding caterer.  We ensure that you and your guests receive the very best catered food we can offer.

Erin and Will came in for a tasting a year before their wedding and expressed the importance of organic food for their wedding.  Our Los Angeles wedding catering team worked diligently with the couple to help them customize the perfect menu for their lavish wedding at the historic Vibiana.

Vibiana is a breathtaking Los Angeles wedding venue.  With its cathedral ceilings, stone pillars and marble floor you can’t pick a classier wedding venue in the greater Los Angeles area than this one.  To top it all off the Vibiana is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles!

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of history behind this magnificent building.  Their website (vibiana.com) does a great job of covering the yesteryears of LA’s first cathedral:  “Vibiana, the formal Cathedral of St Vibiana, is one of Los Angeles’ few remaining nineteenth century landmarks and was completed in 1876.  The city’s first cathedral was a stunning work of architecture in a town still emerging from its pueblo origins.  Inspired by the Los Angeles bishop’s childhood church in Spain, W.J. Matthews and Ezra F.Kysor modeled the cathedral’s facade in the Italian Baroque style.  In 1922, Architect John C.Austin enlarged the structure and added a new facade of Indiana limestone.

Following the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the Archdiocese concluded that the structure sustained irreparable damage and would need to be replaced. After much deliberation, St. Vibiana’s was decommissioned and a new cathedral, Our Lady of the Angels, was built just a few blocks away.

In 1999, the decommissioned building was acquired by a team of adaptive reuse developers.  Their vision was to transform the space from a dilapidated structure into a state-of-the-art special events and performing arts venue.  Shortly thereafter, a team of architects and structural engineers began the seismic retrofit and renovation work. Great care was taken to seismically reinforce the structure while painstakingly restoring its century old historic details.  Now known simply as VIBIANA, the venue hosts a wide range of events including fashion shows, fundraisers, live entertainment, and wedding ceremonies and receptions.”

After a heartfelt ceremony, our Los Angeles wedding catering team tray-passed mouth watering appetizers just as dazzling as the décor of the Vibiana itself.  Our Eco Caters Chef prepared sweet mango skewer marinated with caramelized curry glaze, our popular roasted garlic hummus, red pepper hummus, Olive Tapenade, and yummy bit-sized sandwiches made from fresh baked bread, house smoked bacon, wild arugula leaves, and pickled onions.  Our Los Angeles wedding caterers put together some beautifully arranged cheese boards with an assortment of local cheeses, garlic rubbed baguettes, bright berries, homemade jams, apricot preserves, and edible flowers; they were true works of art.

For the big fest our Los Angeles wedding catering company dished up a homespun family-style dinner.  Our all-organic catering team brought out platters of juicy braised beef with fresh minced herbs, grilled sea bass blackened with dried spices, smashed potatoes whipped with cream and black truffle, a medley of grilled Farmers Market vegetables, and our creamy Gouda Mac-N-Cheese.

All of our Los Angeles wedding caterers would also like to thank Dawdy Photography for sharing all of these beautiful wedding photos with us. Dawdy Photography is headquartered out of San Francisco and has been shooting wedding photos since 1977! Dawdy Photography does so much more than just wedding photographs as well.  They handle large group photo shoots at schools to corporate events.

A special “thank you” to Erin and Will for choosing Eco Caters as your Los Angeles wedding caterer.  We know how nervous you were for your big day and we enjoyed watching it unfold perfectly along side you two.  We wish you nothing but the best!

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