Pacific Shellfish

Eco Caters sources fresh fish, shrimp, and other fresh seafood products from Pacific Shellfish. From Baja California to the northwest, to Alaska and beyond, ethical fishermen who make their living from the sea and follow the letter of the law, still exist.  Pacific Shellfish supports local artisanal fisherman that find ways to fish which support healthy marine life, sustain local economies and provide local tasty food.  We like Pacific Shellfish because of the quality of seafood that they stand behind and because of their dedication to sustainability that sets them apart from other seafood purveyors.

You can taste their seafood for yourself at their restaurant and retail fish market in Pacific Beach called The Fishery.  Here you can go in and buy fresh fish to go or you can sit down for a nice meal.  They often have good deals on locally caught fish such as Yellowtail when they are in season.  Behind the restaurant is Pacific Shellfish, the wholesale operation, where we get much of our seafood.  We guarantee you will not be disappointed if you go in and try their seafood for yourself.  You can learn more about them and get directions at

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