Pretty gathering in Ocean Beach for our bride and groom.

For this occasion, your San Diego wedding caterers stayed in their area, Ocean Beach! Such a gorgeous place to get wed! Our bride and groom got everything there, even in November:  the beach, the ocean, nice weather… Every single detail was thought over and over, so the event could only go well!

The day started before noon when the coordinator and the captain arrived on site. After spending a few weeks working on the project, the day of eventually came up! Thanks to a great organization, coordination and lots of hard work, all that needed to be set up got in good shape. When guests started entering the place, the magic happened!

Then, San Diego wedding catering staff began passing around some hors d’oeuvres, featuring the delicious and well-known Truffled Grilled Cheese, the Beef Wellingtons served with Smoked Ketchup and Apricot Mustard, and at last the Cucumber Cups with Mango, Chili and Preserved Lemon.

As salads, San Diego wedding caterer prepared a nice Farmers Market Salad, including the best of the market greens and vegetables served with a house vinaigrette dressing.

Concerning the following part of the meal, our bride and groom and San Diego wedding catering chef decided on two options of main dishes, which were the Grilled Chicken Breast accompanied with some mango and avocado and the Grilled Vegetarian Lasagna served with House Ricotta and Market Vegetables. Therefore, everyone could be served and pleased with these wonderful dishes!

As sides, our guests could taste some mirepoix quinoa and some sesame green beans, nicely cooked by your favorite San Diego wedding caterers.

Kids also had the chance to try out some of Eco Caters’ creation; receiving some Baked Chicken Fingers with carrots and green beans.

Of course, along with all this food, a great organic beverage service got set up by San Diego wedding caterer, that featured some freshly squeezed lemonade, iced tea and infused mint water.

And all guests could eventually finish their meal around a nice cup of organic coffee, brewed by your San Diego wedding catering, Eco Caters.

Thank you to the photographer Al Zahed for his great pictures at this gorgeous wedding!

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