Sage Mountain Farm

Eco Caters loves Sage Mountain Farm, not just for their savory Sage Candy Onions, but for their dedication to educate people on sustainable and organic foods. They are one of the leaders of sustainable farming in Southern California. Owners Phil and Juany Noble have grown their farm significantly over the last 5 years. They are Certified Organic growers, and are located at 40630 Sage Road, in Aguanga, California (about 20 miles East of Temecula – if you want to check out the farm for yourself. Just be ready to pick up a shovel and help out while you are there. One thing you will find out if you visit is just how much they care for the produce and animals they are raising. Their vegetables are grown using sparkling clean natural well water. At their high desert property, they use pure organic guidelines to raise steers, chickens, pigs and goats. You can get produce from Sage Mountain Farms in many different ways other than visiting the farm. You can find their produce at Whole Foods grocery stores around San Diego as well as many farmers markets including Ocean Beach and Hillcrest. You can also join their CSA program to get a fresh box of organic produce delivered weekly. Find out more at

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