Smit Orchards

Smit Orchards is located in Linden, California, on your way through the foothills going towards Lake Tahoe. Smit Orchards was established in 1969 by the Smit Family. John Smit immigrated from the Netherlands to Northern California in hopes of starting a dairy.

After primarily raising cows John Smit came across a new apple that would grow well in this region: the Fuji Apple. They proceeded to transform the property from pasture lands to rows and rows of fruit trees. There was some question as to how these apples would taste but now we know that they are absolutely delicious. Good work John!  The Smit Family continued to add a wide range of apples, white and yellow flesh peaches and nectarines, pluots, apricots, apriums, table grapes and cherries to their orchards.

They have had much success selling at the Farmers Markets throughout Southern California – thus you can typically find them at most farmers markets. They have also expanded to offer the option of online ordering. In addition to ordering produce you can find out more about their farm and even see what is ripe and available at the market on their website. With all their growth and expansion they are still committed to the same growing practices that have made them a champion of high quality tree fruit for many years. The Smit family still manages and oversees the farm, from planting the seed to putting the final bow on every fresh fruit gift that is sent!

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