Top Seller: Seafood Sausage Recipe

One of Eco Caters best hors d’ouevres is our Seafood Sausage. This sausage can be made a hundred different ways, as long as the fish and shellfish you are using are eco-friendly. Check and click on the Seafood Watch to make sure you are using fish that are good for you and for the ocean.

This version uses wild, house cured coho salmon, shrimp, and farmed bay scallops. We finish the dish with lemon aioli, and organic spicy radish sprout.

Ingredients (per 25 people):

17 oz fresh shrimp

17 oz fresh scallop

17 oz house cured salmon

Radish sprouts (4 oz will make 100 hors de oeuvres)

4 teaspoons Creole Seafood Seasoning

½ bunch minced chive

Lemon Aioli

Water crackers

Safflower Oil


Peel and devein shrimp. Clean scallops. Trim any non-flesh off salmon. Lightly salt and puree 70% of scallops and shrimp together. Coarsely chop remaining shrimp and scallops. Finely chop salmon. Mix all chopped ingredients with creole seafood seasoning and chive. Fold chopped mixture in with pureed scallops and shrimp. Put pot of water on oven and turn flame on high. Place in pastry bag. Lay plastic wrap flat along table. Cut pastry bag accordingly to desired size of sausage. Squeeze out mixture leaving at least six inches of space on each end and about one and a half times the diameter of the sausage from the edge of the plastic. Carefully roll plastic around mixture forming your roll while holding ends or plastic taught. Poke any air holes out with knife while rolling. Twist ends and tie on one side. Roll into links of desired length. Tie the other end. Water in pot should be boiling at this point. Bring down heat to medium high and lower sausage links into pot. Boil 5 – 10 minutes depending on size. Remove from water and cool to room temp. Once the sausage has cooled, remove plastic wrap and sautee links on pan with butter or safflower oil until golden brown. Slice links into ¼ inch slices. Serve on water cracker with lemon aioli and pinch of radish sprouts.

This dish has been a crowd favorite to go along with the rest of our organic catering menu.  Each time we make it it is a bit different depending on what local sustainable seafood is available.

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