Eco Caters’ Organic Breakfast: the nicest way to start your day!

Your San Diego catering branch will always be happy to provide its services if you have your own company and want to organize breakfasts, luncheons or even dinners while your conferences are going on… We offer great, organic and fresh food along with professional service! And your San Diego caterers will be pleased to help you with the organization of your event.

That day, your San Diego caterer and our client had chosen a few options, filling up the breakfast buffet with some delicious dishes everybody enjoyed! All guests had the opportunity to have some breakfast burritos served with some bacon, eggs, cheese and salsa; granola with some bananas and yogurt; some home fries with chives, and at last fresh and organic fruits served on a big platter.

As drinks, everyone could have two different types of juices and some homemade mint infused water; as well as some organic regular and decaf coffee.

This event was quite simple, with just a small selection of items. But you may of course get anything you want! Your San Diego caterer can always arrange menus depending on what you really desire, on the allergies that your guests might have… Eco Caters have already set up many menus with lots of different dishes – from stationary hors d’oeuvres to desserts, passing by a tapas menu or a simple organic buffet… You can always go have a look at your San Diego catering branch’s website to check it out and do not hesitate to contact us afterwards!

Of course, if you like our first service, we may plan a schedule and therefore work on a regular basis together. San Diego caterers wish one detail that is for you to be pleased by both: the food and the service! That is why quality and freshness are two elements your favorite San Diego catering team is looking for all the time!

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