Magical Wedding at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

For this day, our bride and groom could not be happier: great weather, awesome venue, and professional staff running all over the place to make the event run the greatest possible… Everything was gathered, so that this wedding could not go better!

And, even without any cooking equipment on site, your San Diego wedding caterers managed to serve some delicious food, which surely pleased each of all guests!

At first, your San Diego wedding catering chefs pulled out the well-known Farmers Market Salad, including the Best of the Market greens and vegetables with a house vinaigrette dressing.

As main dishes, our couple decided to go with three different options, knowing that the last one was for vegetarian guests only. Then, your San Diego wedding caterers served some of the delicious Braised Beef Brisket cooked with Tomatoes and Garlic; as well as some tasty Grilled Chicken Breast with some Mangoes and Avocadoes. The third dish was the vegetarian lasagna, which is always a great success when your favorite San Diego wedding caterer has to pick this kind of option. Also, to go along with these, some Gouda Mac and Cheese and French Beans with Crispy Shallot were available.

When everyone finished their plates, all guests could eventually enjoy a nice piece of cake with some organic coffee or tea. The cake was obviously cut by your San Diego wedding catering staff and nicely plated by them as well.

As always, everybody was very happy about the food and the service provided by San Diego wedding catering. Quality was definitely there for this magnificent event! The more the night was falling, the more the temperate got lower – but everyone was enjoying the moment so much to even think about this detail

Your San Diego wedding caterer really liked working on that event and wishes the best of all to this couple’s future.

At last, thank you so much to Sean Capshaw who worked really hard on the pictures.

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