Organic breakfast buffet served by Eco Caters, San Diego caterer.

It was in the early morning when San Diego caterers left the kitchen for a corporate meeting up in La Jolla. Around 60 employees were attending the event. San Diego catering arrived on site and started working on the breakfast.

While servers were setting up the room, the buffet and guest tables, the chairs, San Diego caterer began making some tasty homemade Belgian waffles which would end up being served with sweet butter and nice maple syrup. At the same time, eggs were being cooked in the pans to eventually make some delicious California scramble that would be mixed with avocado and tomatoes, and nicely served with crème fraiche.

Guests were beginning to arrive… So, San Diego catering staff set up the different dishes on the buffet. The smell that was coming out of the kitchen made everyone a bit hungrier than they were before entering the building! The house cured maple bacon, the California scramble and the Belgian waffles were then served.

So, all guests could finally enjoy this nice organic breakfast, nicely concocted by your San Diego caterers, Eco Caters. High-quality products and taste were all gathered on this day again!

Also, was offered a fresh fruit platter, made with organic oranges, strawberries, bananas…

Eventually, some freshly mint-infused water and two kinds of juices were available, such as the mango and the tropical kinds; so everyone would be really satisfied by Eco Caters’ services.

Accompanied by some great high-quality coffee, all guests enjoyed the food while discussing and enjoying some nice time with their colleagues before the presentation’s start.

What better to start a day of work with such great food and company? Eco Caters really enjoyed working on this event that is definitely something different from a wedding – but still as interesting and enriching.

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