Organic plated dinner in five places, at the same time, with your San Diego caterers.

Around forty guests were gathered on that Saturday of April in these five different houses for corporate reasons. San Diego catering staff had the great opportunity to be called for this particular and unique event.

So, the whole team was split up. Each house had its own chef and server – so the party couldn’t run better! Carlsbad, La Jolla, Cardiff and San Diego were the various locations, where your San Diego caterers had to serve at.

However, the menu remained the same for each house. So, every guest got to taste the same delicious food, nicely prepared by San Diego catering staff.

A choice of tray passed Hors d’Oeuvres was served by San Diego caterer, featuring some tasteful beef Wellingtons with smoked ketchup and apricot mustard, some seared albacore with orange grapefruit slaw and at last some fresh bruschetta served with tomato concasse, avocado oil and preserved lemon.

Then, guests could enjoy a nice Herb Mix salad with edible flowers, pea sprouts, heirloom tomato and avocado dressing; following by the main dish – some delicious grilled herb crusted chicken breast cooked with wild mushroom quinoa and mustard pinot grigio Brussels sprouts. At that point, San Diego caterer selected a vegetarian option which featured some tasty grilled polenta cake accompanied by some fire roasted tomatoes and market vegetables.

Everyone seemed really happy about their meal! And to finish with a few more drinks, San Diego catering staff plated the dessert, and all guests could taste the wonderful flourless chocolate tart served with champagne raspberries.

The event ended up really well; each guest thanking Eco Caters for their work, taste and kindness! San Diego caterers, Eco Caters, make sure to pay attention to every little detail! So your event is more perfect than ever! And you can quietly enjoy your time with your guests without having to worry about a thing…

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