Organic Catering in Los Angeles

Organic Catering in Los Angeles

Healthy food and fitness has been a hot fad in Los Angeles for a while now. This includes catering services. This is because it’s a hotspot for the entertainment and fashion industries, both of which people tend to be very health conscious. Not only that, but who entertains more tha the people of LA?

However, a growing trend these days is taking “healthy” one step further than traditional catering and offering local organic catering services. This is largely due to the fact that people are simply more aware of what they are putting in their bodies today.

More people are conscious of how their food is produced, where it comes from, what it’s doing to their bodies, and how it’s all impacting the environment. Awareness and knowledge equal power. Power creates change. That changing landscape is the organic food industry at large and more specifically, the organic catering industry.

What’s Organic Catering Anyway?

Organic catering services means that when you purchase a catering package and design your menu, you are choosing from foods and quality ingredients that are not only fresh and delicious, but also certified to be free of harmful toxins, chemicals, GMO’s, ionizing radiation, and other nasties associated with the traditional food industry.

You’re getting meat from animals that aren’t plied with growth hormones and harmful antibiotics from animals that have plenty of access to fresh air and being outdoors in their natural habitat. “Farm-to-table” is becoming the hot new catch phrase in the food and catering industry, and for good reason.

Not only is your food healthier as a result of good farming and production practices, those processes may be more sustainable than conventional farming and production processes. Plus, you are helping support the underdog in the food industry, organic farmers.

Let’s face it…food is big business. Traditional food production methods are obviously the big fish in the pond. By choosing organic catering services, you are supporting the smaller fish in the pond and being agents of change in how the food industry operates.

Benefits of Organic Catering

There are many benefits to organic catering. Los Angeles is a pioneer of sorts when it comes to food industry trends, and the organic trend only continues to grow in popularity. As more people learn about organic foods and apply their new knowledge, more people convert to buying and eating organic.

Even better, most of those people will continue buying and eating organic, even when funds are limited. This is great news for caterers that want to provide their customers with fresh organic food choices but are hesitant about increased costs with possible diminishing returns. Organic food is much more mainstream now and only continues to grow with the support of passionate people committed to clean, healthy eating and living.

Organic Catering is Good for You

Eating foods that aren’t laden with contaminants and GMO’s is better for your body. We don’t think anyone could argue this point. Not only will your health benefit from eating a diet of organic foods, you will just feel better because your body is more nourished.

All those extra add-ins that are part and parcel of conventional farming and food production can wreak havoc on your “inner” ecosystem, as well as your outer one. You often feel that in how your body responds to certain foods you eat or even day-to-day activities. By feeding your body foods that are free of chemicals and yuck, you are giving it permission to thrive.

Organic Catering Helps The Environment

Not only does organic catering provide you with food that is good and nourishing for your body, free of pesticides, hormones, and GMO’s (among other things), it also helps the environment. Organic farming is better than conventional farming in many ways that includes increasing healthy biodiversity, conserving and protecting the water supply, minimizing air pollution, solving erosion issues by nurturing strong soil, and supporting smaller, local farmers in the food industry. This in turn boosts local economies. That means that when you buy organic catering services you are investing in all of these things yourself.

Organic Catering Offers Variety

Once upon a time, obtaining organic foods was much harder and less feasible than today. When you did look for organic food options, you were mostly stuck with only a handful of items to choose from. Today, the food list is impressive. You can find organic fruits and veggies, organic meats, organic seafood, organic cheeses and dairy items, organic pastas, organic baked goods, organic dessert and organic wines and liquors.

The point is that you are no longer restricted in your food choices, which means that organic caterers can put together some pretty creative and amazing meals, using only organic and/or locally grown ingredients to suit every occasion and even the pickiest set of taste buds. These menus highlight foods that are certified organic and guaranteed to be better for you and the planet.

Organic Catering is More Bang For The Buck

Taste and flavor play an important role in healthy catering. Los Angeles caterers that offer organic foods and catering menu options might charge slightly more than what they charge for traditional catering packages, but the fresh ingredients are such high quality with the most amazing flavors it’s almost like you’re getting double for your money. It’s money well spent because creative chefs can make the most of organic ingredients so that nothing is lacking in taste or presentation.

As we hope you can see, organic catering offers a ton of benefits traditional catering just can’t. It doesn’t matter whether you are feeding a small, private event or a large, rowdy crowd, none will be disappointed by foods and menu choices that are certified organic and produced in ways that are friendly for you and friendly for the environment. And that’s what organic service catering is all about.


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