Organic Catering Services

How to Find Organic Catering Services 

Not only does organic food taste better, fresher, and filled with more flavor, but it also supports organic farmers and paves the way for a chemical-free future. At Eco Caters, we’re big believers in the idea that tasty dishes come from fresh, in-season, certified organic ingredients. Like our fellow organic caterers, we create our menus to promote good health and wellness and to support farmers who follow sustainable food practices. 

If you’re looking for organic catering services for your next event and are interested in hearing more about everything they entail, read on. Eco Caters is here to help.

What is Organic Catering?

As Chef Nick from Eco Caters says, “organic catering is a key part of our passion for sustainable catering that gives you first-class food, creates minimal waste, and supports the local community.” For us, it means the commitment to using organic produce in every appetizer, entrée, and dessert. 

Organically grown fruit and vegetables are grown without pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs, and organic meat is free from antibiotics or growth hormones. When people decide to hire organic catering services, it’s because they care about what they’re putting into their bodies and how they’re choosing to feed their guests. To put it simply, organic catering companies services care. Our dedication to organic food and sustainability means brilliantly prepared dishes that pass the gourmet-guest taste test and also serve Mother Nature. 

What Are The Benefits of Organic Catering?

Individuals and companies sometimes shy away from organic catering services at the fear that they’ll be more expensive. Although hiring catering always means working out a budget and fine-tuning a menu, there’s no doubt that organic catering offers unsurpassed quality. 

When you use quality organic ingredients, your result will be packed with more flavor. As we like to say, our chefs can do more with less because they use the highest quality, organic ingredients. A simple pasta sauce made from sweet organic tomatoes, fresh pasta, and homegrown basil is already a sublime dish. It doesn’t need much else to help it shine. The same holds true for every organically-prepared menu item, whether it’s something simple or more extravagant. 

Many benefits come along with hiring organic catering services for your event. From fresh flavors to quality ingredients, here are a few reasons to turn towards all things organic. 

Fresh Flavors

Because organic food doesn’t contain preservatives to make it last longer, the flavors tend to fresher. Imagine picking a crisp, green cucumber off the vine then bringing it to the kitchen to slice and drizzle with olive oil. It’s going to taste a whole lot different (and a whole lot fresher) than a cucumber that’s been sitting on the supermarket shelves.

In-Season Ingredients

Organic catering services often focus on utilizing in-season ingredients. In-season produce is filled with nutritional density and flavor. When caterers use ingredients that naturally align with the changing of the seasons, they naturally taste better. To see what we mean, close your eyes and imagine the taste of warm homemade pumpkin soup in the fall or a just-picked tomato in the summer. The flavors are sweeter and more robust.

Pesticide-Free Produce

Organic food means fewer chemicals and pesticides covering what you eat. In conventional agriculture, there tends to be a large use of things like insecticides. In addition to these pesticides being bad for human consumption, they’re also bad for the environment. Organic catering services are focused on creating food in a way that helps to reduce pollution, conserve water, and provide a better environment for nearby animals. 

Organic Meat

When animals are raised organically, it means they aren’t being given artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. They’re giving room to roam around and ensure that the animals live a happy, healthy life outdoors. 

Local Growers and Farmers

Organic catering services often work with local growers and farmers. Not only does this strengthen the local community and give back monetarily, but it also reduces the catering company’s carbon footprint. Food that’s often sold at supermarkets has to travel a long distance to get there, which means it transported when it’s not fully ripened. The closer your food is, and the less time it takes to reach your plate, the better it will taste. 

The Future of Food

Commercial farming practices that utilize lots of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers cause damage to the environment. Organic farming requires a natural approach to the soil and the environment. It works to protect precious resources and ensures that the generations to follow will have access to wholesome, nutrient-dense food. 

What Does Eco Caters Offer?

If you’re hiring an organic caterer, look to Eco Caters to do the job right. When it comes to organic catering services, the team at Eco Caters puts our hearts into our food, our service, and our overall presentation.

Whether we’re utilizing a bounty of in-season produce, or fine-tuning our menus and meals, we offer something different than the typical catering company.

Our company was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide the highest-quality ingredients to our community. Our chefs utilize their creativity in the kitchen to incorporate organic ingredients into all our menus. The result is sophisticated, stylish, and delicious. We also emphasize sustainable practices and are dedicated to working with our local farmers and product makers.

If you’re looking for organic catering services that will delight the palate and thrill your guests, feel free to reach out today. We look forward to working together and creating your dream menu. Whether you’re on the hunt for organic catering services for lunch, a wedding reception or a birthday party, we have you covered.

From all of us at Eco Caters, thanks for reading! We hope you’re feeling inspired to hire organic catering services for your next special gathering. From a bounty of delightful flavors to supporting the organic food system and its farmers, we know you’ll be happy you did. We wish you a healthy, flavor-filled day ahead!

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