Review of The Adamson House Wedding Venue

Our Los Angeles wedding caterers do more than just cater.  Along with coordinating and event design, we are also happy to share our professional opinion on vendors and venues with couples looking to get married.  One venue we love wedding coordinating and catering for is, The Adamson House!

The 24 miles of pristine coastline that make up the sleepy surf town of Malibu equate to some of the most beautiful and iconic land in all of California.  It has a rich history, and at the heart of it, lies the enchanting Adamson House Estate.

The Adamson House is easily one of California’s best wedding venues.  Our Los Angeles wedding catering team and event planners have catered and coordinated many weddings on the property over the years, and we wanted to share our in depth review and experience in throwing a weddings at this wonderful California State Park.


Couples quickly fall in love with the property once they’ve walked around the historic Admason House and Malibu Lagoon Museum.  The pearl of the estate is the Spanish Colonial Revival style home, which was built in 1929.  It. Is. stunning!  The immense tile work and overall architectural design of the house is something everyone should see firsthand.  Even if you’re not looking to host an event on the property, it’s a state park visit every Los Angelino should have the pleasure of visiting.  It’s a great romantic day trip idea.

The grounds that surround the home are immersive and elegant.  Perched right on the tip of the peninsula in Malibu, it gives you a spectacular view of the coastline as well as an ideal spot for sunsets.  The landmark gardens have been beautifully preserved in their 1930’s appearance. As you look around, you begin to realize that every detail of the estate has been meticulously cared for.

Adamson House Malibu


As one can imagine, keeping a timeless treasure like the Adamson House in pristine condition after all these years, naturally would carry with it a lot of rules and requirements.  Our Los Angeles wedding catering team has overseen many coordinated and catered weddings through the years at the State Park and we can help you choose the right vendors for your venue along with ways to help you save money.  There are lots of Los Angeles wedding caterers but few that can cater and coordinate with the experience or Los Angeles wedding catering team has.  Our event coordinators can share with you the ins-and-outs of the venue and make sure your special day is exactly the way you have always wanted it.  Our Los Angeles wedding caterers will help you create a custom menu to serve you and your guests locally sourced, all-organic wedding food.


The Adamson House says, “weddings, receptions and special events are scheduled from April through October and take place on the beautiful oceanfront property: the sycamore lawn, the front courtyard, and the rear lawn by the star fountain. All events are held outdoors, not inside Adamson House. “

“If you would like your guests to have the opportunity to see the interior tile and house collections, State Parks can coordinate this special tour with our docent program. We offer an “open” house tour during your cocktail hour, for an additional cost of $500. A permit for this tour can be included in the wedding contract by the state wedding coordinator.”


Parking is not adequate on the property itself to accommodate a wedding party so renting out a nearby parking lot is required. The Malibu Civic Center parking lot is one the Adamson House will recommend but there are several parking lots close by to choose from.  Below is a list of all the parking lots along with costs our Los Angeles wedding catering team recommends.  Please note that these costs may have changed.  Think of them them more or less as a guide.

Civic Center parking lot

$175 Call: 310-456-2489

(Note: The Malibu Civic Center parking lot is unavailable on Sundays due to the Farmers Market.)


Coldwell Bank Lot

$750 Call 818.325.9632

Parking Concepts

Maximum 40 spots, $8 per spot.

Call 310.821.1081

Miramar Properties Investments

Call 310.456.0063

Webster Elementary School

Dirt lot for 60 cars, $7 per spot

Call 310.456.6494

Our Lady of Malibu Church (may not be renting)

Call (310) 456-2361

If your looking for more information on the Adamson House and need a Los Angeles wedding caterer to help you go over costs and information on this venue, feel free to give us a call!  Michelle and Dana would be happy to answer your questions: 310.202.0326

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