Advantages of Healthy Food Catering

5 Advantages of Choosing Healthy Catering For Your Next Event

We like to say that incredible-tasting food starts with people who want to share the good – for their clients’ guests, their communities and the Earth. We focus on brilliantly prepared dishes that pass the gourmet-guest taste test and serve Mother Nature at the same time. 

Most of this philosophy comes down to one thing we’re exceptionally passionate about, which is providing healthy food through organic catering.

When you’re choosing a caterer for your next event, there are so many advantages to choosing one that is health-focused. Whether it’s the fresh ingredients or the variety of options, each advantage is as important as the next. 

At Eco Caters, we’re big advocates for the power of healthy catering, food that tastes good and preparing dishes with love and attention to detail. We like to think many of our colleagues who are enthusiastic about wholesome nutrition feel the same.

That’s why we’ve put a complete guide together for the top advantages of choosing healthy catering for your next event.

Because we know — every healthy ingredient matters — and we’re here to spread the word!

Fresh Ingredients 

One of the biggest advantages of healthy food is the access it offers to fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients are what turn a simple dish into a spectacular one. Fresh ingredients are one of the best parts of a healthy diet. They provide color, flavor, and texture to everything from salads to sandwiches, lunch or dinner. Fresh fish flakes in a different way than frozen fish and fresh carrots have a different texture than their frozen counterparts. When caterers start with fresh ingredients as their base and build from there, the result is packed with wholesome goodness. Healthy catering includes everything from farmers’ market salads to grass-fed meat, where the freshness of each ingredient contributes to the overall guest or client experience. 

Convenient Options

Because healthy catering food tends to focus on the basics, it offers a wide variety of convenient options. It is important when you find a healthy caterer, that they’re able to emphasize fresh produce and seasonally-driven ingredients. For instance, they take something seemingly simple, like a tomato, and turn it into a beautiful Caprese salad with fresh basil and a drizzle of balsamic and olive oil. Providing fresh and healthy fruit, vegetables, and more makes catering an event convenient.  Guests can fine-tune their plate selection based on what they like or dislike. Perhaps one guest enjoys brown rice with their salmon while another prefers quinoa. One guest might like iceberg lettuce while another likes butter lettuce. If you set up a healthy buffet station with nutrient-dense options, there will be something for everyone. Alternatively, you can also do a plated meal service with a few options to choose from. 

Fueling Your Guests

Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, wedding, or providing healthy office catering for a work conference, giving your guests the fuel they need is important! One of the many advantages of healthy food is that it provides nutrients and lasting energy. When you serve your guests healthy food, you’re taking care of them and letting them know their well-being is vital to you. Healthy, catered food is especially essential for fuel in the workplace, as it serves to increase worker productivity and alleviate brain fog and sluggish feelings. Sometimes, a lack of enthusiasm in the workplace can be brought on by unhealthy food choices that are grabbed on-the-go, like a sugar-filled bar or a slice of greasy pizza. Healthy food options are even crucial at weddings when guests need the energy to accompany a long night of dancing. Essentially, any time there is an event with food involved, it’s crucial to offer guests nutrients and wholesome ingredients! From there, the energy can be kept up and the positive vibes can continue!

Healthy Habits

Healthy food encourages healthy habits. Whether in a corporate environment or something more casual, like a family gathering, healthy food encourages healthy habits among guests and teammates. When we put healthy food in our body, we’re more inclined to feel confident and good about ourselves, which translates into creating healthy habits overall. If someone in the workplace feels good about the lunch they’ve just had, they can go back to the desk and get working (rather than say, surf the web). 

Meals With More Value 

The advantages of catering meals that are wholesome and nutritious also have to do with finances. Often, healthy foods are seen as more expensive, which can lead to expensive healthy catering services. But when you serve foods that are healthy and well-rounded, you get more bang for your buck. A just-picked strawberry from a farmers’ market, for example, boasts more value and meaning than a basket of unripe, unsweet strawberries from the grocery store. When we eat meals that have more value, we tend to savor and appreciate each bite.

Meals that are prepared with health in mind add sophistication and style to events. For Eco Caters, this means thoughtfully prepared meals that explore new ways to delight our clients. We like elegant presentations that allow our healthy ingredients to shine. When it comes to the advantages of healthy food, we believe it has a lot to do with menus that are based on what is local and in season. Our menus are chef-driven, sophisticated, and fine-tuned to meet our client’s tastes and preferences. 

At Eco Caters, we’re dedicated to healthy catering at work, events, and everything in between. We’re a passionate team, and we’re enthusiastic about sourcing, preparing, and plating. 

Having access to healthy catering creates an environment where people can thrive and become the best, healthiest version of themselves. When you serve healthy food, you’re letting guests and clients know you care.

If you’re hosting an event and looking for a caterer, feel free to reach out to us today. We’d love to help fine-tune your vision and create a fresh, memorable meal. 

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