Is Healthy Catering Services More Expensive?

Is Healthy Catering Expensive?

Healthy food is often thought to be more expensive than unhealthy food. But the truth is, with a healthy catering service, there is so much value to what you’re getting.

If you’re wondering whether healthy catering services cost more than your average caterer, continue reading. We’re here to help go over the specifics of healthy catering, so you can develop a menu that fits your budget and your event.

We’ll also provide tips for keeping things budget-friendly to help you get the most out of your healthy-eating, catering experience.

Healthy Catering vs. Regular Catering: The Cost Breakdown

While every catering company varies greatly, healthy catering companies tend to be more expensive. This can be true of some organic catering companies. When you’re researching healthy catering vs. regular catering, keep in mind that healthy catering typically costs more because of the high-quality ingredients you’ll have. These caterers often use organic ingredients with a focus on freshness and sustainable practices. However, it is possible to have healthy catering options to fit your budget. As with anything, it just comes down to what you prefer to be on your menu.

Catering costs, on average, can range between $30 to $120 per person. This price difference is large, and a lot of it has to do with what type of cuisine and service you choose.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself when considering a healthy catering service:

  • Do you want a plated or buffet service?
  • Do you want organic foods?
  • Do you want beverages served as well?
  • How many staff will you need?
  • Would you like dessert?
  • How many guests will be in attendance?
  • Are there dietary constraints? If so, what are they?
  • What type of food are you interested in?

These are just a handful of questions to help get you started. From there, you can work with your caterer to fine-tune your unique vision for all your healthy catering ideas.

Getting Sustainable

Many of the most dedicated healthy caterers focus on produce that is organically grown and sustainable. When organic fruits and vegetables are grown, they are done so without chemicals, pesticides, and additives. Sustainable food items are often organic, too, and refer to plant and animal products that protect the environment. Each aspect of food production is considered in creating sustainable products, which means that waste is avoided and each part of the food is utilized. Sustainable products often coincide with utilizing local farmers that practice organic methods. 

When you go with a healthy catering company that practices sustainability, they aim to produce minimal waste. 

Budget Tips For Going Healthy

If you’re interested in how to find a healthy caterer but are looking to stay within a budget, here are a handful of useful tips for going health-conscious with catering on a budget. 

Go Seasonal

Seasonal food tends to be more budget-friendly, as particular ingredients are abundant during each given season. If you want to keep your catering services budget-friendly, look to caterers who focus on seasonal ingredients. Perhaps they’re using a bounty of blueberries, as this is what the season (and the farmer) offered, and it came at a good price point. Going seasonal allows for you to have the delicious ingredients you deserve, for a great price. 

Reach Out

Never be afraid to talk to your catering company about ways to lower costs. Lots of caterers will work within certain budgets. Some things can bring down the price, like opting out of shaved truffles on top of the risotto or bringing along one less server. If you’re interested in what a healthy catering company offers, make sure to reach out before making your final decision. You might be pleasantly surprised at their flexibility and willingness to work together.

Get Local

Buying local is what to look for in a healthy catering company when you don’t want to break the bank. Additionally, it supports the community and the people behind the products. Because the products you’re purchasing don’t have to travel far to get to you, they often come at a surprisingly good price point for their value. Nothing beats a caterer who has a relationship with their local farmers. Not only will they get the produce at the peak of ripeness and flavor, but you’ll feel great knowing your menu items supported your local community, too. 

Meal Plan

Meal planning is perfect for companies looking to hire recurring meal services. When you go over meals with your healthy eating caterer, you can fine-tune particular ingredients and dishes to keep in line with your budget. When it comes to food, certain dishes take longer or require more staff to prepare them. Meal prepping and planning ensures that you and your caterer are on the same page. From there, the creative sky’s the limit.

Stick to a List

When we’re planning a big gathering, guest lists add up fast. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the guest list and the headcount. For example, wedding catering. If you’re serving a buffet dinner at a wedding for  $20 per head, adding 5 more people can quickly increase the price to $100 more. Create a list and stick to it, and you’re more likely to stay within your budget for healthy catering.

At Eco Caters, we pride ourselves on filling our food with healthy ingredients and a whole lot of love. We keep both the environment and our customers in mind. We like to think that shows through every bite. 

Our award-winning catering and event design company works across San Diego, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Our catering staff understands that great dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, and are crucial to a fantastic event.  We provide our fresh ingredients for these excellent dishes by working closely with local organic growers to source food from the surrounding areas. Along with organic foods, we use sustainably produced ingredients that are also full of flavor. 

If you have an upcoming event or are looking for catered weekly lunches for your company, feel free to reach out to us today. Organic, fresh foods come with high standards, but we know firsthand how much guests enjoy meals that come from a conscious company. 

We’ve made it our goal to ensure that your event delights the senses of every guest and leaves them with a lasting culinary memory.

From all of us at Eco Caters, thank you for reading about our different ways of keeping your catering options at a low cost. Providing healthy choices for your catering menu doesn’t have to be expensive. We look forward to helping your event shine through our healthy catering and attention to all the best (and tastiest) details! 

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